Pink roses on a vintage paper for a romantic letter

Where fact and fiction meet...

Fact. At one, I first spoke. At three, I first wrote, and, ever since, I've never stopped eagerly crafting connections with others.


Isn't that what we all strive to do every day? Make connections with others in order to share information or affect a change?

Well, as far as business is concerned, connecting with your customers requires hiring someone who is more than just a talented wordsmith. You also need a professional who understands your business and can relate to your clients. Having a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Georgetown University as well as years of experience working in a variety of fields to include the military, federal law enforcement, education, retail, and hospitality, I have an uncanny knack of getting inside other people's heads. I relate well to a wide range of audiences, and so? I can specifically tailor a message so that your customers get it.

Fiction. In today's world, audiences are continuously bombarded with unlimited amounts of data. In order to successfully make a connection, a writer must strive to maintain an audience's attention. Being creative can often help a writer inspire a reader's eyes to eagerly move from one word to the next, and, with more than twenty years of experience working on fiction projects, creativity is my forte.

So? If you are currently searching for a writer to handle your business's next project, please, reach out to me by email. Include your contact information along with a brief description of the project. After reviewing your email, I'll respond to you as soon as I can.

If, however, you are visiting my site out of curiosity regarding one of my newest fiction projects, please, stay tuned. More details will be coming out during the next few months. As for now, I will simply say I'm working on two projects: a whodunit involving a bloody murder and an elite American girls' club soccer team and a mind-bending thriller that's a melange of historical fiction, international espionage, conspiracy, and a splash of sci fi.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!